In order to carry out our mission and be able to have Sad Hill Cemetery ready for the summer of 2017, we invite you to collaborate with us. 

You can apply to join our Association through the e-mail address:


In a more symbolic way, you can sponsor a tomb.

Sponsor a Tomb – €15 euros 

We offer this chance of collaborating because we suppose that not everybody can travel here in person to help. Your financial contribution would go towards the travel and material expenses of the project.
Donación 15 €

Once we have your data, we would proceed to the tomb digging!

 Become a Member – €20 euros 

Becoming a Member makes you a part of this project. You will receive discount on future activities that will be carried out from this year on, such as concert, courses and workshops. You are also invited to attend our meetings to contribute any proposals you may think of.


ES98 3060 0002 12 2252730722 Caja Rural (Caja Viva) Asociación Cultural Sad Hill / CIF G09559691. 


If you would like to participate in this project as a Corporate Partner with the display of your business logo included in the web and advertising activities of the ‘Sad Hill Cultural Association’, you can do it through our account number ( ES98 3060 0002 12 2252730722 Caja Rural ) and by sending an e- mail ( ) with the receipt of the one-time contribution and the image or logo you want to display. Please include the name of the company in any case.

Partner companies contribution: 300 €


Please contact for further information. 


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