Who are we?

The Cultural Association SAD HILL arises from the initiative carried out by the Archaeological and Paleontological Collective of Salas de los Infantes, the visit of the inventor and writer Carlo Gaberscek and the conferences held in 2004 and 2006 together with members of the CINEAL Association ( José Enrique Martínez Moya and Juanen Pérez Miranda among others).

In 2014, several people from the surrounding area (Hontoria del Pinar, Santo Domingo de Silos, Covarrubias, Contreras, Carazo, Hortigüela, Salas de los Infantes, etc …) come together with the intention of creating a collective that vindicates the value tourist and cultural of the burgaleses places used by Sergio Leone in the shooting of The good, the ugly and the bad.

The main objective of the Association is to recover the scenarios used in the province of Burgos for filming, especially the fictional cemetery of SAD HILL (located in the municipality of Santo Domingo de Silos).

During this process we want to promote different cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, courses, workshops …) that help to forge a name for the Association and make the environment known.

During 2016 we managed to restore part of the cemetery and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the filming of the film. The work has not finished and there are still many graves to be placed and labeled. Once again, we ask for your patience and we thank you for collaborating in this project: sponsoring tombs, being partners or working in volunteer days.


The days of celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the filming of The good, the ugly and the bad carried out in the villages that form the Valley of Arlanza (Contreras, Covarrubias, St. Domingo de Silos, Salas de los Infantes, Carazo and Hortigüela) had a great welcome among neighbors and assistants. For 4 days they gathered in the towns near the Sad Hill Cemetery: writers, critics, journalists, researchers and film enthusiasts Sergio Leone to share with the locals and extras of the film the love for cinema and the scenarios of Burgos .

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The simultaneous projection of the film in the three towns (Silos, Covarrubias and Salas) gave the kick-off to the international symposium.

Thursday was the moment of the inauguration of the exhibition of photographs, documents and designs that Carlo Simi made for the film. An inauguration that was attended by the daughter, the widow of the artistic director and the film critic Fabio Melelli. Hundreds of people traveled to the town of Salas de los Infantes to see a unique exhibition whose original sketches had never been exhibited.

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The day of Friday continued with the reception of assistants and registered and the delivery of the documentation. One hundred and fifty registered who could attend the inaugural lecture of the critic and writer Carlos Aguilar. Then the official reception was celebrated with tasting of typical dishes and wine of the area. All this, enlivened by the soundtrack of Maestro Morricone performed by the Alfoz de Lara Orchestra.

The inauguration of the Cemetery was held on Saturday morning. The person in charge was Emeterio Martín, mayor of Santo Domingo de Silos, where the Sad Hill cemetery is located. The mayors of the six participating towns, Paco Azúa President of AGALSA and the General Director of Tourism of Castilla y León, Javier Ramírez, joined the celebration. Afterwards, a commemorative meal was held with all those attending the symposium.

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The afternoon of Saturday was reserved for two lectures: Peter J. Hanley presented his book Behind the scenes of Sergio Leone’s The good, the bad and the Ugly and Sir Christopher Frayling spoke about the Italian director’s cinema. There were also tributes to some of the technicians (Eugenio Alabiso) and actors of the film.

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Sunday was the day chosen for the extras and participants in the area to tell their anecdotes to those attending the conference. After this round table, Ángel García Romero explained the importance of music in the Western universe of Leone and ended the day of conferences with the round table in which the writer Anselmo Núñez, the writer Anita Haas and the director of Almeriacine, Juanen Pérez Miranda.

The culmination of the symposium was the concert, the theatrical representation of the group Hijos de 1,000 Padres and the giant screen projection of the film. All this in the impressive Mirandilla Valley.

More than 5000 people gathered to enjoy one of the most important films in the history of cinema in situ. The act was joined by the conductor and Oscar winner Ennio Morricone; James Hertfield, singer of the Metallica group and Clint Eastwood himself, sending a personal message to the Association and the attendees of the screening.

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Without you we would not be here.




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